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The Path towards Africa’s Renaissance and Development: Rural masses awarness and empowerment

Major obstacles to unity, development and progress of our continent

Africa's Elites and masses are migrating to other continents for survival under African neocolonialism or dictatorship of some Africans. Africa can not afford the lost of lives of millions of innocents women, chlidren and men in unjustified wars, genocide and migration. The real spirit of African identity and independence will emerge only through borderless resistance to such neocolonial oppressions (as seen in colonialism days). The colonial boundaries inherited from Berlin conference, which are artificial and illogical for they ignored the cultural cohesion of tribal Africa and have separated the peoples of ethnic mini-nations held together for centuries by their common heritage and language. These boundaries are major obstacles to our unity and the main reservoir of conflicts on our continent. After 50 years of independence most of African countries are still facing with ethnic and religious conflicts in addition to social, economic, political, judicial and scientific survival development. It is very sound to us that only a unified development programs in a federal Africa will eliminate the ethnic tension and establish a permanent viable unified global development system with no more continent defined "spheres of influence" among European or foreign governments. Africa will then encourage partnesrship and strategic development alliance with other nations in mutual respect of both parties' realms. Model of development and progress of the "developed" countries imposed on Africa is questionable whether it is the real path of development of Africa?. Past theories of development and today's globalization realm are giving false illusions of development to some leaders and misleading our people from our continent development realities. Where to start Africa's development is the missing reality in today's debate.

The followings are our methodologies and our commitments towards our people and continent:

A Networks' politics and economic systems that directly benefits the masses (collectivities), the great common people, and not just the further enrichment of Africans who are well-off and far ahead under corrupted regime or selfishness (!?). This new system will bring opportunities to Africans to unite and develop a more humane poltical and economic systems of a new kind of community cooperatives, owned and controlled by educated and trained people (Women and Men) in each community and in a panafricanism realm, everywhere in Africa. Each of African Elites (members of our network), expert in a designated field, will be called on duties to achieve the development of communities. A political and economic power within Africa that gives it the inner resources to do what has to be done for the people of Africa and to satisfy the primary needs of the deprived masses since the independences.

Promoting political education on how to choose whom, or evaluating guidelines above the prevailing “gift of gab”. Mass education in the homes, villages, community wide-information that will enable the people to choose dedicated and competent leaders and other essential workers.

The mental blockage of total liberation developed from the way tribalism (ethnicity) and religion have been used to capture, enslave and exploit African for over a thousands years is of a real concern. Tribalism and ethnicity were used as a base of separatism of African for strategic exploitation of Africa’s resources. It is pathetic and dramatic that such behavior is being clothed by some Africans themselves in the 21st century against their own people. Awareness on this issue will be spread over the continent.

Consciousness for changes in attitude towards each other in term of mutual respect, and a change in attitude about efficiency, expertise in business management, financial responsibility and administration and prides for the continent.

We are calling for dedicated effort to develop small and simple technology for every kind of primary needs to free our people from exploitation, speculation, profiteering and high bureaucracy.



A- The Network seeks to achieve the largest possible measure of Unity in order to form the power base as the organized voice of African people in a particular region or nation.

B- The network administration is based upon the traditional African constitution with no authoritarian presidents or heads. As in traditional Africa, the king or chief was the spokesman of the previously expressed will of the people and the instrument for carrying out that will; the national heads of the network and the head of every unit thereof will function in like manner; issuing no important orders or public statements on behalf of the network or the people it will represent without consent of the council.

C- The network will be one vast union, and no outside organization or union will be allowed to determine its policies, programs or destiny, no matter under what guise or by what approach the efforts are made.

D- The success of the network is going to depend very heavily on the number of people willing to sacrifice in giving some unpaid or not fully paid service. For at least the first years this will be the sacrifice train.

E- Every undertaking in our Network is preceded by extensive study, training and careful financial planning. The Network has short range and long range goals. Contributions from members are welcome.

Dr. DRAME, Harouna


Research and Development Scientist

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada