The amount budgeted form the members subscription and voluntary contribution will enable the network to, in a most practical and efficient manner, carry out, not only the network’s activities, industrial, commercial and other phases of our mission but to a great extent encourage and carry out many of the major objects for Africa development and for the interest and benefit of African people (communities in needs).

The many enterprises (for the mass in rural regions) we will be undertaking in Africa and through the world will be instrumental in giving hopes and finding employment for countless thousands of Africans who never would have been employed otherwise. The full support of the funding plan is a solution to the social, economic, industrial, political ands others problems of the Africans.

INAEDAD will be financed by African professional and business men and women and any goodwill people without any discriminations. We call strongly for the support of all African (Ministers of the gospel, preachers, Islamic community, Imam, doctors, lawyers, business men and women, substantial tradesmen, persons of important occupations, persons having strong faith in Africa's development….). Your full support and engagement will enable the network to speak with authority because it has the the support of the collectivity. The aim will be the creation of careers and general employment opportunities, a local/national foundation and local community banking system to maintain and safeguard the financial resources required to carry on the work of the African and without which we can only remain a pleading and begging continent.

The Network is preaching African unity, self-support and self-reliance. Helping and encouraging community churches, mosques, physician, business, assisting wars victims and orphans… The Network is seeking to establish such economic and industrial independence for African as to be able to find substantial employment (factories, mills, commercial, farming, shipping enterprises etc…) for its own women and men according to ones training, ability as evidenced by the status and by law of the network. The community enterprises will be owned and operated by the people in the community, that they will be the shareholders.
There is no economic security for Africa when it has to always depend on aids. In contributing to the network African will be supplying the ammunitions that will be used to fulfill the need of million being oppressed, in emergency needs and establish the independency and development of the continent.


Dr. DRAME, Harouna